Faraday Bag LS1 Laptop Shield

Faraday Bag LS1 Laptop Shield
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Preventing unwanted access !

The Faraday bag is used to prevent unwanted access to digital devices, ensuring they are secure from external interference.

The Faraday Bags range has been designed for mobile phones, GPS devices, netbooks, PDAs, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices to prevent remote applications such as:
1. Wiping of the data.
2. Tampering of evidence.
3. Locking of the device.
4. Tracking of the equipment.
5. Bugging via the device’s microphone/camera.

Faraday Bag applications
Military & Intelligence Agencies use Faraday bags ( Faraday Pouch ) to prevent unwanted applications being invoked remotely or data being altered after devices are seized.
Law Enforcement organisations use Faraday bags to inhibit remote access of evidential devices where individuals may wish to alter or delete the data.
This ensures the chain of custody from point of seizure to examination. Forensic Investigators use the Faraday bags with viewing windows during analysis of exhibits and view results directly from the mobile exhibit's built-in screen. (This ensures that the exhibit can't be accessed by anyone other than the examiner.) Corporate Clients use faraday bags to safeguard their phones, laptops and tablets during sensitive meetings, in transit or in situations where their electronic devices might be vulnerable to interception.

Shielding technology
The technology works by electromagnetically shielding digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets or similar devices. This shielding prevents applications being invoked remotely, whatever the attempted communications method. Faraday bags block external static electrical fields (including radio waves)
such as cell signals, satellite, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth frequencies through the incorporation of specialist materials built into the fabric of the bag.

The Faraday bag is used to prevent unwanted access to digital devices, ensuring they are secure from external interference.

Breite: 41 cm

Höhe: 32 cm

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Faraday Bag Features :
Prevent connectivity to cellular networks, WiFi and Bluetooth.
Effective shielding at 900Mhz, 1.8 Ghz, 1.9 Ghz , 2.1 Ghz , (2G, 3G, 4G), 2.4 Ghz
(Bluetooth 1, 2, 3, 4 and WiFi), 1.22 Ghz & 1.57 Ghz ( SatNav / GPS), up to 70 dB.
Multi use specially coated metallic shielding material that uses ripstop technology,
for added strenght and durability.

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