HAK5 Bash Bunny incl. Field Guide

HAK5 Bash Bunny incl. Field Guide
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Bash Bunny - World's most advanced USB attack platform.

Plus 1 x Bash Bunny Book  !

It opens up attack surfaces that weren't possible before in one single device. Penetration testing attacks and IT automation tasks are all delivered in seconds with the Bash Bunny. By emulating combinations of trusted USB devices — like gigabit Ethernet, serial, flash storage and keyboards - computers are tricked into divulging data, exfiltrating documents, installing backdoors and many more exploits.

It features a simple scripting language that you can write in any text editor like notepad. The  growing collection of payloads are hosted in a single library - so finding the right attack is quick and easy. Setting up Bash Bunny attacks is just a matter of flicking its switch to arming mode and copying a payload file. It's the same as you would for an ordinary flash drive — it's literally that convenient.

Carrying multiple payloads and getting feedback on each attacks is effortless. Slide the switch to your payload of choice, plug the Bash Bunny into the victim computer and watch the multi-color LED. With a quad-core CPU and desktop-class SSD it goes from plug to pwn in 7 seconds.

Plus, the Bash Bunny is a full featured Linux box with shell access from a dedicated serial console - so all of the pentesting tools you've come to know and love are just keystrokes away.

With the Bash Bunny, compromising a system is as quick and easy as hopping on a box.

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