CRU DX175 Frame only

CRU DX175 Frame only
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Designed for shorter 5.25-inch drive bays

DX175 Frame Only For DX175 carriers; SAS/SATA 6 Gbps host connection.

Designed for the next generation
The Data Express DX175 is a robust removable drive that fits in 5.25” drive bays and accommodates 3.5” hard drives or 2.5” hard drives or SSDs. Designed for newer workstations with shorter 5.25” drive bays, the DX175 complements the Data Express DX115 – also for 5.25” drive bays – which is commonly used in workstations worldwide.

CRU removable drives are the industry standard for transporting and securing large
volumes of data. Used by government agencies and businesses around the world, our
removables are incorporated into workstations, PCs, laptops and other computing


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