CRU WiebeTech Ditto Network Tap Module

CRU WiebeTech Ditto Network Tap Module
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Ditto Network Tap Module

Adds Ditto Shark functionality to Ditto and Ditto DX

The Ditto® Network Tap Module adds professional forensic network capture to the Ditto family's long list of capabilities. With a Network Tap Module attached, the Ditto or Ditto DX Forensic Fieldstations can capture all network activity for further analysis, storing captured packets on external drives.

  • Add-on module for Ditto and Ditto DX
  • Store network data for forensic analysis
  • Captures network traffic, internet activity, and VOIP



Product name Ditto Network Tap Module
Host (I/O) Ports (2) RJ45 Gigabit (1000Base-T) Ethernet -- one upstream, one downstream
Bus power Operates from power provided by Ditto or Ditto DX
Compliancy FCC, CE, RoHS
Warranty CRU provides a 3-year limited warranty for this product.
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Q : Why am I getting a “action failed” message when I try to start a network capture?

This likely means the Ditto is in dual hash mode which is not supported by the Ditto Network Tap Module. Try changing the Ditto’s hash type to single hash or no hash.

Q : Why isn’t the USB port on my Expansion Module working?

With Ditto DX, the expansion slot and USB port share data lanes so only one or the other can be used at one time. When an Expansion Module is attached to Ditto DX, the pass-through USB is automatically disabled. Ditto DX users should use the USB ports on the “north” side (control interface) if USB is needed while an Expansion Module is attached.