CRU WiebeTech Daisy Chain Power Kit

CRU WiebeTech Daisy Chain Power Kit
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CRU WiebeTech power supplies are identical to the ones that come with your product. You can be assured that you are plugging in with the proper volts and amps. If you've misplaced, accidentally broken, or need a new adapter that can power more devices, we have the part to get you running at 100%. We carry adapters to fit UK, Euro, and Australian outlets.

Daisy Chain Power Kit

The Daisy Chain Power Kit allows you to power up to five CRU WiebeTech devices with one cord. This one cord works great for forensic investigators, IT administrators, or other users that need to power many devices but don't want to carry separate cords for each.

AC Adapters

  • Includes one AC adapter and a multi-head power cable
  • Powers up to five Drive eRazer Ultra or v5 docks at the same time
  • Saves space on table tops or in field kits

Product name

Daisy Chain Power Kit




CRU provides a 2-year limited warranty for this product.


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