CRU WiebeTech Media WriteBlocker

CRU WiebeTech Media WriteBlocker
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Forensic in-line USB and Flash Media WriteBlocker

Easy, write-blocked access to a variety of flash media:
SD Cards, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, and USB thumb drives
Entirely bus-powered -- no need to carry around a separate AC brick
Highly portable, with compact lightweight design
Optional read/write mode
LEDs for indicating power, mode, and access
Lifetime toll free tech support and 2-year warranty

Key Features:
Forensic imaging
Small size
Write-blocked access to flash media over USB

Media WriteBlocker
USB WriteBlocker works with USB devices that register as "USB Mass Storage" devices, very common for thumb drives and storage enclosures. USB WriteBlocker is also compatible with other media card types as well, including Compact Flash, Memory Stick, and SD (and SD compatible). Media WriteBlocker is write-blocked by default, but also includes a Read/Write mode for complete access to your media.

Remount Button
Connect another device to Media WriteBlocker and press the button
no need to unplug Media WriteBlocker from the computer to switch devices under capture

Status LED
Simultaneously reports power to the device and confirms that the write-blocking technology is active.
USB Cable Included

Keeping it Simple
Media WriteBlocker has one output (USB 2.0) port and one status LED. It's so simple - there is nothing to configure - and is consquently very easy to use. Simply attach the Device Under Capture and connect Media WriteBlocker to the computer. The LED confirms power to the device and simultaneously confirms that the write-blocking technology is active.

Software Utility
Usually the Operating System has access to information about a volume attached through USB. Because Media WriteBlocker is acting as a filter, the Operating System only sees Media WriteBlocker. Forensic Software Utility will display information about devices connected to Media WriteBlocker, and allow you to save them as text files for inclusion in case reports.

CRU-Part Number: 31300-0183-0000


Product name

Media WriteBlocker

Host (I/O) Ports

(1) USB 2.0: up to 480 Mbps

Drive Types Supported

● Compact Flash

● SD Card

● Memory Stick

● USB Thumb Drives

● USB drives via USB cable (if the device class is USB Mass Storage Device and it does not use proprietary firmware)

Maximum HDD size

2000 GB (1000 GB in a Terabyte)

Number of LEDs


Description of LEDs

single bi-color LED indicates power, drive access, and write-block/read-write mode

Operating system compatibility

Windows XP or later
Windows Server 2003 or later
Mac OS X
Most modern Linux distributions

Construction material(s)


Bus power



4.92" x 3.94" x 1.26" (125mm x 100mm x 32mm)


0.10 lbs. (0.05 kg)

Write Blocking


Write Protection

write-blocked, with optional read-write mode




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Q : Will this WriteBlocker work with USB 3.0 devices?

USB WriteBlockers and Media WriteBlockers manufactured after 2011 are compatible with some USB 3.0 mass storage devices. However, such devices will operate at USB 2.0 speed. Both USB 2.0 and 3.0 drive enclosures sometimes use proprietary firmware that makes them incompatible. Composite, compound, or multi-partition USB devices are not compatible.