Great Scott Gadgets makes open source hardware for innovative people.


Everything we produce at Great Scott Gadgets is open source, including all our hardware designs, software, and educational content. Our goal is to enable you to do things nobody has done before. We do that by building innovative hardware and software tools and by educating the community both online and through industry events. Most importantly, we support the community by releasing all of our work under open source licenses.


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YARD Stick One (Yet Another Radio Dongle) can transmit or receive digital wireless signals at freque..
119,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 100,00 €

Ubertooth One is an open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform suitable for Bluetooth experim..
149,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 125,21 €

The Great Scott Gadgets Throwing Star LAN Tap is a small, simple device for monitoring Ethernet comm..
42,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 35,29 €

The fully assembled and enclosed brother to the Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit. The pro model sports al..
59,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 50,34 €

Assembly Instructions Warning: Do not overtighten! Hand-tighten only at every step. Use a g..
18,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 15,13 €

75 MHz to 1 GHz telescopic antenna ANT500 from Great Scott Gadgets is a telescopic antenna design..
28,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 24,29 €

300 MHz to 1100 MHz telescopic antenna ANT700 from Great Scott Gadgets is a lightweight telescopi..
32,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 27,65 €