Detego Field Triage 1 year license

Detego Field Triage 1 year license
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Detego® Field Triage is a fully portable digital forensic solution for field based investigators to acquire and act on data from PC’s, laptops and servers.

Detego® Field Triage is part of the wider Detego® Unified Forensics Platform and can be deployed on your own removable USB device or external hard drive, giving an incredibly powerful forensic exploitation tool into the fingertips of non-technical investigators.

The intuitive triage functionality within Detego® Field Triage automatically alerts the investigating officer of any suspicious items through a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status alert. This visual confirmation allows the investigator to determine the severity of the applications, content or activity contained on the device and determine whether further investigation or arrest is necessary.

An obvious choice for first responders such as police officers, front line and covert operations, border security, sensitive site and tactical media exploitation scenarios.


Detego® Field IIOC is preconfigured for cases involving indecent images of children. Sitting on the familiar Detego® Unified Forensics Platform, a removable drive or USB stick can be preconfigured to rapidly search for and extract data from a suspect’s device in the field. The on screen window instantly alerts an officer to the severity of the images found using a simple Red, Amber, Green system based on hash matches and picture content analysis.

Police Officers can make on the spot arrests based on meaningful intelligence. By utilising a key piece of evidence lifted from a suspect’s device early in an investigation officers can get the upper hand and the chances of securing a guilty plea increase exponentially.

Detego® Field IIOC has been designed to give non-technical individuals the same powerful acquisition and analysis tools that their lab based colleagues have, all with as little as 30-minute training overhead.


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