NewBlueFX Essentials 3 Elite

NewBlueFX Essentials 3 Elite
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NewBlue Essentials 3 Elite includes 108 presets in 9 video effects that stabilize shaky footage, remove distracting flashes, and enhance details. Remove flashes, adjust the aspect ratio, correct gamma and pixelate unwanted faces with ease.

You'll find a wide variety of effects in Essentials 3 Elite. Take a look at each in action.


Aspect Ratio

Remove unnecessary video borders to create new aspect ratios.

Detail Enhancer

Sharpen image details by strengthening and darkening lines and edges.

Flash Remover Pro

Capture live events without worrying about distracting camera flashes.

Gamma Corrector

Sharpen details and boost your image’s color, saturation and warmth.

Lens Correction

Correct lens distortion to improve quality, or add it for a fisheye view.


Obscure faces, license plates, logos and more using colored blocks.

Selective Touch Up

Smooth or blur specific regions to remove subtle imperfections.


Refine your video's image and enhance its definition.


Eliminate shaky footage using a powerful analyzer to get a smooth, jitter-free video.

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