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The new Tableau TP5 Universal Power Supply is designed to power all Tableau forensic bridges and duplicators. The TP5 can replace your TP2, TP3, and TP4 power supplies. For comparison, the TP5 is about 45% lighter and smaller than the TP4 power supply. This means more kit space and less kit weight since you’ll only need to carry one or two TP5s for all of your Tableau product power needs.

The TP5 is compatible with power standards worldwide, accepting a 100-240 VAC input. TP5 ships with four different output adapters designed to fit various Tableau products. The output adapters include one 5-pin DIN (+5VDC @ 4A, +12 VDC @ 6.5A), one 7-pin DIN (+5VDC @ 4.0A, +12VDC @ 6.5A), one 5.5 mm (OD) barrel (+15VCD@ 5.25A) and one 6.5mm (OD) barrel (+12VDC@6.5A). The TP5 uses the international IEC “figure 8” style power plug, making it compatible with inexpensive IEC-compatible AC line cords worldwide.

Tableau sells the TP5 under two part numbers. Part number “TP5” includes the power supply, four output adapters, and one 6’ US-style IEC line cord. Part number “TP5-INTL” includes only the power supply and four output adapters.

The TP5 is now included as a standard item in all TD3 Forensic Imaging Systems kits.

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