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BlackBagTech MacQuisition | Goverment
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BlackBagTech MacQuisition™ offers the most comprehensive forensic imaging solution for Macs. Built and tested against over 10 years of Mac systems, MacQuisition™ works with over 185 known Mac computers, offering examiners the most reliable solution to avoid complicated and timely take-aparts. This tool is built upon the core of Apple’s OS X operating system, offering the truest method for booting and forensically imaging Macs.

By offering a portable and compact solution, MacQuisition™ can be used with ease in the lab or out in the field.

Bootable | No Take Apart
Avoid time consuming take-aparts by booting from the MacQuisition™ USB dongle itself, using the suspect’s own system to create the forensic image.

MacBook Air Compatible
MacQuisition works with the minimalist MacBook Air, which offers only one USB port on some models.

Designed for All Examiners
Built for both novice and advanced users, MacQuisition™ provides a simple 5-step process for easy imaging, while offering advanced users many options.

Note: MacQuisition™ supports Intel i5 and i7 based systems as well as newer MacBook Airs. This does not include new early 2011 MacBook Pros (Sandy Bridge, Model ID: MacBookPro8,X)


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