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BlackBagTech MacQuisition | Corporate
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BlackBagTech MacQuisition™ offers the most comprehensive forensic imaging solution for Macs. Built and tested against over 10 years of Mac systems, MacQuisition™ works with over 185 known Mac computers, offering examiners the most reliable solution to avoid complicated and timely take-aparts. This tool is built upon the core of Apple’s OS X operating system, offering the truest method for booting and forensically imaging Macs.

By offering a portable and compact solution, MacQuisition™ can be used with ease in the lab or out in the field.

Bootable | No Take Apart
Avoid time consuming take-aparts by booting from the MacQuisition™ USB dongle itself, using the suspect’s own system to create the forensic image.

MacBook Air Compatible
MacQuisition™ works with the minimalist MacBook Air, which offers only one USB port on some models.

Designed for All Examiners
Built for both novice and advanced users, MacQuisition™ provides a simple 5-step process for easy imaging, while offering advanced users many options.

Note: MacQuisition™ supports Intel i5 and i7 based systems as well as newer MacBook Airs. This does not include new early 2011 MacBook Pros (Sandy Bridge, Model ID: MacBookPro8,X)

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