TABLEAU WriteBlocker T6es Full Kit

TABLEAU WriteBlocker T6es Full Kit
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Tableau WriteBlocker T6es

High Performance SAS Write Blocking in a Portable Package

Imaging Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives has presented a challenge to forensic examiners, until now. The Tableau WriteBlocker T6es Forensic SAS Bridge is the first (and only) portable hardware write blocker available for SAS hard drives today.

The Tableau WriteBlocker T6es has the same size and power requirements as our other write blockers. So it's a convenient, cost effective addition to your existing Tableau forensic toolkit. With the Tableau WriteBlocker T6es, fast imaging of SAS drives has never been easier. Simply connect, power up, and image.

The Tableau WriteBlocker T6es design includes a number of key features that improve reliability and performance. Switchable power is controlled through a reliable, membrane ON/OFF button. Four different host interface connections (eSATA, FireWire800, FireWire 400, and USB) offer numerous imaging options.


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