Founded in 1986, CRU-Inc. is a pioneer in devices for data mobility, data security, encryption, and digital investigation. The company’s flagship DataPort®, along with the Data Express®, DataHarbor®, CRU RTX®, RAX®, ToughTech® and WiebeTech® product lines of removable and external hard drive enclosures are the de facto global standard for physical data security and safe data transporting in government, education, audio/video production, digital cinema, and business markets. Backed by the industry’s leading warranties and connector ratings, CRU products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders, and resellers throughout the world.


Special fields: Storage, Data Storage, Data Protection, Data Backup, Computer Backup, Photo Storage, Network Backup, Computer Forensics, Video Storage, Secure Backup, Hard Drive Backup, Hard Drive, Data Archive, Small Business Backup, Computer Investigation, Forensics.


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1-bay hard drive enclosure designed for DX115 DC drive carriers For easy ingestion of DCP Rugged..
398,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 334,45 €

CRU DCP Kits provide a more complete solution for our Digital Cinema customers. All DCP Kits are off..
111,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 93,28 €

Field Kit A0, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam w/slots for a dock & up to 6 adapters (not inc..
185,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 155,46 €

Need a convenient way to pack and move your digital forensics equipment? Forensics investigators ..
258,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 216,81 €

Field Kit J-0, empty, black Pelican 1500 case & custom foam for up to 7 docks, & 7 adapters ..
296,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 248,74 €

Lawyers, forensics investigators, and techs who want to analyze evidence or image drives in the lab ..
1.136,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 954,62 €

Das FWR Ultimate Write Block Kit #1 besteht aus einem widerstandsfähigen und langlebigen Pelican-For..
619,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 520,17 €

Transportieren und sichern Sie bis zu 10 x 3.5" IDE/SATA Festplatten in diesem Pelican Transport Kof..
210,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 176,47 €

Professional Hard Drive Imager mit brandneuen Features ! Inkl. 1 x WiebeTech Mouse Jiggler MJ-3 !..
359,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 301,68 €

Blank encryption keys; Programmable using AES Key Programmer; No lanyards; 6 pack CRU's new Adv..
59,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 50,34 €

Government agencies, digital cinemas, and SMB organizations that need a reliable and versatile remov..
119,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 100,00 €

CRU DX115 DC, Frame Only, SAS:SATA 6.0Gbps, Auto Start & Host L.E.D Feature, Black, RoHS SAS/..
119,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 100,00 €

Latest in Rugged Removable Drive Technology -  Fast drive swapping for additional storage -..
64,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 54,54 €

Educational institutions, small businesses, and home-users that need an affordable, high-quality rem..
21,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 18,40 €

CRU® Removable Drive Enclosures Black with gold keylock -  Fast drive swapping for additiona..
62,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 52,10 €

Removable Hard Drive for Small Form Factor Optical Bays -  Small, removable drive carrier an..
27,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 23,45 €

Lockable; SATA 6 Gbps host connection; with carrier for one 2.5in SATA drive; no logo Government ..
129,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 109,16 €

Fits into DX115DC frame; accepts DCmini Cartridges If you need to store and move digital cinema c..
49,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 41,93 €

Robuster Versandkoffer mit DX115 DC Träger ! All-in-one-Lösung für DCP Verteilung ! Neue + kleine..
172,50 €
Preis ohne Steuer 144,96 €

New improved design ! More compact, this new case design adds minimal height to a drive. Store dr..
79,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 66,39 €

With its rugged steel construction, the CRU® DX115 MoveDock is designed for quickly docking and acce..
84,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 70,59 €

High-speed rackmount JBOD storage with robust TrayFree™ technology and write protection - On-dema..
595,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 500,00 €

JBOD rackmount enclosure with DataPort 10 bays and fast 6 G bps speeds -  DataPort® 10 bays ..
952,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 800,00 €

JBOD enclosure with 6 Gbp/s SAS or SATA with dual SFF-8088 multilane connection and TrayFree™ bays ..
1.547,00 €
Preis ohne Steuer 1.300,00 €

Government agencies and SMB organizations that require effective removable drive enclosures to store..
56,90 €
Preis ohne Steuer 47,82 €