BlackBagTech SoftBlock | Corporate

BlackBagTech SoftBlock | Corporate
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BlackBagTech SoftBlock™ is a kernel-based forensic write-blocking tool that quickly identifies devices upon connection, and depending on user preference, mounts them in either a forensically sound read-only manner or a conventional read-write configuration. This product is designed for both large scale forensic lab environments as well as for individual investigators where the need is to preview and analyze one or more evidentiary devices. Offering an incredibly light software footprint, BlackBagTech SoftBlock™ avoids the need for multiple cumbersome hardware write-blocking devices and allows investigators to quickly and safely mount and unmount multiple devices as needed.

Consolidated into one tool, BlackBagTech SoftBlock™ offers a scalable environment to forensically connect as many devices as your analysis computer allows.

BlackBagTech SoftBlock avoids the need to purchase expensive write-blocking hardware by offering a kernel-level tool to identify and securely mount multiple devices in a forensically sound manner.

Device Management
BlackBagTech SoftBlock™ provides an intuitive interface for device management right from your computer, allowing quick previews to determine if further analysis is needed.

Once installed on your computer, BlackBagTech SoftBlock™ is always available for use. Safely mount and view potential evidence without having to expand your forensic tool kit with additional write-blocking hardware.

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